Wisconsin Powerlifting College Scholarship

A)Wisconsin High School Senior during the Spring of the Year the Scholarship will be Conferred.

B)Current NASA Membership at time of Scholarship Application and Conferral.

C)Must have competed in a NASA Meet during their Junior or Senior Year in High School.

D)Must apply for the Scholarship by February 15th of their Senior Year in High School.

E)Application consists of a Self-Composed Essay indicating why they should receive the Scholarship.
        (Essays should reference and include details concerning the Points System outlined below.)

1)GRADE POINT AVERAGE - (4.0 = 5 Points, 3.5 = 4 Points, 3.0 = 3 Points, 2.5 = 2 Points, 2.0 = 1 Point) - Maximum of 5 Points.

2)COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OR TECH SCHOOL - (In WI = 5 Points, Reciprocity with WI = 3 Points) - Maximum of 5 Points.

3)VOLUNTEER/COMMUNITY SERVICE - (2 Points for each day volunteered in Junior & Senior Years) - Maximum of 10 Points.

4)NASA COMPETITION - (3 Points for each NASA Meet competed in during Junior & Senior Years) - Maximum of 15 Points.

5)NASA COMPETITION - (1 Point for each NASA Meet competed in during Freshman & Sophomore Years) - Max. of 5 Points.

6)NASA COMPETITION - (All High School Years, 5 Points for representing WI at NASA HS Nationals) - Max. of 20 Points.

7)NASA LOYALTY - (20 Points for exlcusively Lifting in NASA for past 4 years, 10 Points for past 2 Years) - Max. of 20 Points.

8)HELPS AT MEETS - (2 Points for each time they helped load Truck & Trailer after the NASA Meet) - Maximum of 20 Points.

9)RECOMMENDATIONS - (2 Points for each Letter of Recommendation: Coaches, Teachers, Senators, etc.) - Max. of 10 Points.

10)CHARACTER - (2 Points each for: Clear MVR, No Police Record, Member of DeMolay, Boy Scouts, etc.) - Max. of 10 Points. 

11)INTENDED MAJOR - Maximum of 5 Points:

i - Police, Fire, Military and Professions where your Life is at Risk = 5 Points.
ii - Doctor, Nurse, or other Medical Professions = 4 Points.
iii - Engineer, Physicist, Chemist, and other 4/5 year Technical Degrees = 3 Points.
iv - Teacher, Mechanic, Welder, Graphic Artist, Accountant, etc. = 2 Points.
v - Attorney, Political Science Major, Philosopher, Journalist, etc. = 1 Point.

Points System
Application Process
To apply for the Wisconsin Powerlifting Scholarship, send a Self-Composed Essay, and supporting documentation, to: Wisconsin Powerlifting, P.O. Box 565, Sheboygan, WI, 53082-0565 , OR, eMail your essay and scanned documentation to: statechairman@wisconsinpowerlifting.com .  You may also send questions to the above address, or e-Address, and we will both answer your question and anonymously post your question and its answer in our FAQ Section below for the benefit of others.  We strongly advise you contact your School's Guidance Counselor, a Coach, or other person that has experience in helping students to apply for College Scholarships.  If 2 applicants, for example, tied in Points, based upon the the items in the Points System above that they included in their Essay, then the applicant who provided documentation to back up the claims made in their Essay, would win the tie.  All Essays will be reviewed by the Wisconsin Powerlifting Executive Committee, which also serves as the Wisconsin Powerlifting Scholarship Committee. 
Frequently Asked Questions

1.Q: I only lifted in NASA Meets during my Freshman and Sophomore years in High School, but then I lifted in both NASA and another Powerlifting Federation during my Junior Year in High School.  Am I eligible for any of the Loyalty Points in number 6 above?

1.A: No, you are not eligible for any Loyalty Points.  You would have needed to lift exclusively in NASA for the past 4 years to get the 20 Loyalty Points, or lifted exclusively in NASA the last 2 years to get the 10 Loyalty Points.  Although you don't get Loyalty Points, this does not however affect any of the other Points you have earned in the past.

2.Q: I don't see my intended profession listed above.  I intend to major in a profession that will allow me to be a Lifeguard in California.

2.A: You would get the Maximum of 5 Points, for Category 10, because you will be risking your life to save other lives.

$500 to $1,000