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Mitchell Jackson, 7, locks out
a State Record 76 Lbs.
Deadlift in the 55 lbs. Youth
Travis Dumez locks out a
175 Lbs. Deadlift in the
114 Lbs. Teen Division.
Andrew Hedrich, 5, of South
Elgin, Illinois, locks out a 2nd
successful Deadlift attempt of
55 Lbs., in the 44 Lbs. Youth
Caitlin Jackson initiates
an opening Deadlift
attempt of 85 Lbs., in the
88 Lbs. Female Youth

Mark Jacobs, Sharon Orange, Head Referee Marty
Becker, Monty Beal(Germantown), Samson
Hou-Seye, Caitlin Jackson(FDL), Andrew
Hedrick(S. Elgin, IL), Branden Capetillo, Mitchell
Jackson(FDL), Wendy Hou-Seye, Travis Dumez,
Steve Korff, Dennis Ploetz.
Brandon Capetillo, 12, hauls
up a 150 Lbs. Deadlift.  
Brandon was Best Lifter at the
2006 Youth Nationals.
Wisconsin Powerlifting Photos 2
Sheboygan's Branden Capetillo walked away with a Brand
New Escalade, Saturday, as the Youth Lifter with the
highest coefficient at the 2006 Youth Nationals Meet.  The
Event was sanctioned by the Natural Athlete's Strength
Association(N.A.S.A.), and held at Sheboygan Christian

Wisconsin Senator Joseph Leibham(R) lead lifters,
officials, and spectators, in the Pledge of Allegiance, to
kick off the Event, which started at 10 A.M. sharp.  The
Meet was the first Youth Nationals to be held in the 21st

Capetillo went 7 for 7 on his official lifts, including a Strict
Curl of
66 Lbs., a Benchpress of 140 Lbs., and an official
Deadlift of 150 Lbs.  Sheboygan Firefighter Efrem
Capetillo, Jr., coached his son Branden, 12, and Travis
Dumez, 13, to respective wins in the 99 Lbs. Youth and
114 Lbs. Novice Divisions.  Dumez's Squat of 175 Lbs. is a
new American Record for the 114 Lbs. Novice Division.  
Travis also had a 90 Lbs. Benchpress, a 215 Lbs. Deadlift,
and was successful on 8 out of 10 attempts.

Samson Hou-Seye, 6, finished 2nd in the 55 Lbs. Youth
Division, to Mitchell Jackson, 7, of Fond du Lac.  Hou-Seye
and Jackson have been trading Titles back and forth over
the past 8 months.  Mitchell also competed in the 114 Lbs.
Open Men's Power Sports Division, where he set a new
American Record by Strict Curling 26 Lbs.  Jackson also
broke all Wisconsin Records in the 55 Lbs. Youth Division,
with a Benchpress of 40 Lbs., and by breaking his own
Deadlift Record, with a 76 Lbs. successful attempt.  
Mitchell was successful on 8 of 9 attempts.

Jackson's sister Caitlin, 9, set all new records in the 88
Lbs. Female Youth Division, with lifts of 34 Lbs. in the
Strict Curl, 48 Lbs. in the Benchpress, and 110 Lbs. in the

Andrew Hedrich, 5, of South Elgin, Ilinois, was 1st in the 44
Lbs. Youth Deadlift Only Division, with a successful 2nd
Deadlift attempt of 55 Lbs.  Finally, Monty Beal, of
Germantown, set a new American Record in the
Submaster Pure 132 Lbs. Division, with an opening
Benchpress attempt of 245 Lbs.  Beal lifted raw, as a
qualifier for a National Meet later this year.  Beal's 245
Lbs. lift was also a new Wisconsin State Record.

The Meet Director gave a special thanks to Mark Jacobs
and Dennis Ploetz, for spotting & loading all day, and to
Marty Becker, Wendy Hou-Seye, Sharon Orange, and
Steven Korff for sitting as Referees for the 2006 Youth
Nationals.  100% of door admissions were donated to
Sheboygan Christian School, for their generous donation
of the facility for this National Youth Event.
  Results of the 2006 Youth Nationals                  
        Sheboygan, WI, February 25th
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